Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abalam in The Last Exorcism Part II

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Abalam is returning to the silver screen again to scare exorcism movie fans in The Last Exorcism Part II movie. This demon known as the King of Hill is so menacing that he will kill any person who disrupts his insidious plan.

Abalam shows possessed people no mercy. The King of Hell will remind Nell she is under his control,  as a piece of the Devil lives within her. There is no stopping Abalam.

Watch The Last Exorcism Part II to see Abalam in action. His deadly agenda is to take back what belongs to him - sweet, innocent Nell.     

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fear of Demons: Eye Floaters and Ghosts

JudgementDo you have fear of demons? Go to bed afraid you will get possessed? Have recurring sleep paralysis? Fear of demons and the Devil is common, especially with horror movies showing the perils of demonic possession. We see the exorcist call out the demon name to confront the evil spirit. Eye floaters and perceptual senses apply to fear. Demons and the Devil create fear that horror movies take advantage of to sell movie tickets.

Eye floaters writer Enck Kanaj understands how fear displaces the mind to activate "the peripheral vision and eye floaters" to cause sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and the out of body experience we see in A Nightmare in Elm Street. For some vast reason, moviegoers enjoy watching scary movies that instill fear in their mind. The mind enters a flight and fight mode.

Insidious is an astral projection/possession movie released last year. The movie deals with several horror sub-genres, including a malevolent ghost and a red-faced demon. These types of movies create fear because you believe that demons can possess you. As an astral traveler, you believe befriending a spirit or entity thus opens the door to demonic possession.

Enck Kanaj writes in a unique style to build connections between eye floaters, the mind, senses, and Ancient Egyptian culture. If you have eye floaters, fear, and feel uneasy, may help you relinquish the fear and develop courage in knowing horror movies are science fiction vehicles to coerce the mind into a traumatic state that horror fans then transfer into pure entertainment.

Lose the fear of demons and the Devil by visiting to read Enck Kanaj's highly intellectual and articulate posts on eye floaters and their relationship with metaphysics, the mind, fear, ghosts, horror movies, the third eye, spirituality, and everything under the sun. Enck's recent post Eye Floaters and Ghost is shown below to give you an idea what to expect:

"Based on forums and questions we thought to write this post. Do eye floaters relate to ghosts? Yes! But Not in that way that you might think. Of course there is a indirect connection. And that connection is fear which may activate the peripheral vision.

Fear is the main emotion that contributes to the development of peripheral vision. Peripheral vision developed as a warning system. For early pre-humans to survive, they needed a system to warn them of predators approaching from behind. For this purpose, peripheral vision works all the time, no matter what we are doing, but we are not aware of it. When you are in a continuous state of fear (hyper-vigilance or alertness due to something you fear or for instance the feeling that some weird being is behind you, chances are that you can develop more peripheral vision (more rod cells vision) and therefore the perception of the eye floaters." read more....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Demon Pazuzu in Exorcist: The Beginning

Demon Pazuzu stars in Exorcist: The Beginning, a prequel to The Exorcist movie. Pazuzu goes as far back as Mesopotamian times, a winged demon. He feeds off the weakness of others who require his help to resolve personal matters.

Beware of Pazuzu at vulnerable times when nice gifts and dream wishes become an evil curse upon accepting people. Pazuzu will manifest in the possessed to takeover their soul.

Pazuzu is a high power Demon Lord, a title he proudly possesses to control his underground followers. This demon possessed the young Regan in The Exorcist movie. Pazuzu also returns in The Exorcist II and The Exorcist III to wreak havoc on his victims. Demon Pazuzu holds the power to command his subjects.

Exorcist: The Beginning represents the first appearance of Pazuzu, albeit the origin of the demon in movies is shown in The Exorcist. Pazuzu is the most depicted demon in exorcism movies. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Exorcism of Emily Rose and a family of demons with personalities

Emily Rose and her demon gang perform their hit song "Say my name" in the exorcism musical The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Exorcism movies revealing several different types of demons are rare in the genre. The Devil Inside producers can learn a few tricks or two to name their demons in an upcoming exorcism movie.

Emily Rose contorts her body at 3 a.m. in the morning, marking the time that symbolizes the height of evil activity. The demons enter Emily Rose, unleashing evil upon the young girl. She attracts not just one, two, or three demons to join her exorcism show; several demons and the Devil in flesh reveal their demon names to the exorcist.

What are the names of the demons inside Emily Rose? Emily reveals the demon names in the barn, talking in ancient tongues to mock the exorcist. Untested exorcism fans find the revelation eerie. The demons reveal their names to the priest through their ancient tongues.

The following demons possessed Emily Rose:
  • Cain
  • Nero
  • Judas Iscariot
  • Legion
  • Belial
  • Lucifer (Devil in the Flesh)
The next time you watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose, you will know the demon names. Emily Rose is a fictional character portrayed as a real person, the German girl Annelise Michel.

Visit and to learn about The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel.   


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Multiple Demonic Possession in The Devil Inside: Nameless Demons

Who are the demons possessing Maria Rossi? We have no demon names to report. We want to apologize on the behalf of The Devil Inside filmmakers for misinterpreting the very fact that exorcism movies need a demon name like a comedy movie needs a joke.

Say the demon names you damn fools! No wonder we have a horrible movie ending, because the filmmakers believe taking risks can keep word-of-mouth going strong. What marketing ploys worked in the opening weekend sank The Devil Inside into the dark realms of movie Hell.

Rosa is a young woman who is possessed under a nameless demon. Her parents move her down into the basement to keep the household safe from her violent tendencies. We suppose the screenwriter/director watched The Exorcist. Unfortunately, Ben and David never confront the demon. They are two talking heads speaking of exorcisms as if they were seasoned exorcists.

Ben and David magically exorcise the nameless demon. The two exorcists perform an exorcism on Maria Rossi, again failing to identify the demons. We have 4 demons with no names, four Kings of Hell residing inside Maria Rossi for two decades. Most demons would get bored sitting and waiting.

The Devil Inside plot doesn't make sense. We finally figure out that multiple demonic possession convey the demons. A good screenwriter and director would conduct research to make a great movie. In The Devil Inside movie, the filmmakers forget the names of demons that are possessing Maria Rossi.

We have no demon names to report. The Devil Inside demons are just demons possessing people. Introducing multiple demonic possession to moviegoers must require intense work. Real exorcism movies name the demons to exorcise possessed people. An exorcism prayer is ineffective unless the exorcist confronts the demon, saying his or her name to dispel them out of the possessed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Demon Baal in The Rite movie

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The Rite movie introduced Demon Baal. Baal is a demon recognized as one of highest princes in Hell. In the Rite, the possessed young lady acted as if she were a cat. 

Baal is known to reveal evil cat-like and spider-like traits on his conquered souls. The Bible speaks of Baal as a Pagan deity. Next month, we will see the Pagan deity Bagul in Sinister. Baal is highly regarded as the most powerful demon serving under the Devil.  

Want to watch Baal in action? The Rite movie shows Michael Kovak (Colon O' Donoghue) believe in evil and accept faith in God to defeat the Baal demon possessing Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins). Baal is a demon with the power to destroy the possessed. He knows how to use pain, memories, and weaknesses against the exorcist.